Inculcating a value system Among Students

In a country like India with Cultural pluralities and diversities ,it is essential that students imbibe the appropriate values commensurate with social, cultural, economic and environmental realities, at the local national and universal levels.
The seed of values such as cooperation and mutual understanding during the early stages of education have to be reiterated and re-emphasized .We aimed at to inculcate these essential and desirable values.

Promoting the use of Technology
Traditional methods of delivering higher education by the lecture method have become less motivating to the large number of students. The campus community must be adequately prepared to make use of information and communication Technology optimally .
Effective use of technological advancement and innovation in the teaching administration and management system.

Skill Development and Employability
Higher education can not remain disconnect with the employability of students in the quest for knowledge. To explore ,identify individual capability and enhance employability in the job market through career guidance .

Social Responsibility

To sensitize the student towards the social issue. We are focused on promoting the sense of social responsibility in students by involving them in various social activities , through community engagement.

Diversity and Inclusion

By respecting all individual regardless of class, caste ,religion. ability and gender.

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the communities we serve.
I/We will

  • Support the mission and vision of the College.
  • Focus on student and stakeholder needs.
  • Respond to the changing needs of our communities in a timely manner.
  • Create new programs and services to meet identified needs.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve programs, services, systems, and policies.
  • Utilize a shared decision-making process.

We recognize the expertise of all members of the College community and encourage individual contribution.
I/We will
  • Include stakeholders in the decisions that affect them.
  • Treat people with dignity and encourage feelings of self-worth.
  • Promote trust through professional courtesy and fair treatment.
  • Recognize and support employee and student contributions.

We strive to develop and pursue higher standards.
I/We will
  • Exhibit quality in staffing, facilities, programs, and services.
  • Promote continuous improvement.
  • Anticipate needs and respond accordingly.
  • Encourage creativity, innovation, and risk-taking.
  • Utilize systems that promote student and employee success.
  • Exceed student and stakeholder expectations.
  • Encourage decision-making at the level of implementation.
  • Encourage interdepartmental collaboration.
  • View setbacks as learning experiences.

We assume and demonstrate responsibility for our actions.
I/We will
  • Take responsibility for personal and professional growth and development.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve our systems and policies.
  • Establish and communicate clearly defined and articulated goals and objectives.
  • Ensure our work adds value to the College and District.
  • Demonstrate fiscal and social responsibility.

We believe that our similarities and differences are opportunities for establishing a common bond and strengthening the College.
I/We will
  • Employ a College workforce that reflects the community we serve.
  • Ensure fair and equal access for all.
  • Recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the strength of diversity.
  • Provide educational experiences that promote a greater appreciation for diversity.
  • Implement learning activities that integrate diversity topics in the classroom.
  • Seek and consider multiple points of view.